Rose: the Queen of Flowers

Who can resist the allure of roses? Perhaps more than any other plant, they appeal to our senses. And our heart.

It is considered the Queen of Flowers and essential oils. It has been highly prized since ancient times as therapy for the body and emotions.

We specialize in the use of Rose Damascena oil, the most exquisite of all, as an ingredient in many of our products.

Why is it so precious?

It takes 3000-5000 pounds of organic rose petals to produce one pound of rose essential oil.

Consider that each petal is very delicate and must be picked by hand. To obtain the best quality oil, rose fields must be harvested before the sun shines too brightly, which can evaporate the flowers’ oil.

Distillation must be undertaken with great expertise and extreme care, at just the perfect temperature and pressure.

We source our essential oil from Bulgaria, which is famous for producing the best in the world for over 400 years.

Their Valley of Roses has exactly the perfect geography, climate and soil for rose production.

Rose oil is a complex blend of more than 300 different components, providing multiple therapeutic benefits.

It has the highest known concentration of alkalenes which give the petals their waxy, velvety smooth texture.

Most interestingly, tests have been undertaken to measure the electromagnetic frequencies of oils. Rose Damascena has been discovered to have the highest electromagnetic frequency of any substance on earth.

One of its therapeutic modalities may be its ability to lift our bodies frequency, raising our moods and well-being.

Our Luxueuse Rose Collection has been specially formulated to purvey the special qualities of one of nature's most amazing and precious creations.

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