Emmanuelle’s face creams are honestly the best I have ever used! I have always struggled with dry skin, and no other cream has ever worked so well. My skin feels softer and more hydrated after using Emmanuelle’s creams than it has in years. I cannot recommend her products enough.  Not only is the quality superior, but with this product you have the comfort of knowing you are using a natural, organic product of the highest quality rather than synthetic. I am so happy I found her skincare products!


I have been using Emmanuelle creams and other products for a few years now and I have grown to appreciate and trust them so much so, that I will not use anything else. In my travels, I tried many so-called  ‘natural’ and some high end name brand products but nothing has ever felt so right for my skin, which in turn has never felt and looked so good.  I recently received several  compliments/comments asking what I use on my skin. It was noticeable how healthy it looked!

I have complete confidence in these products - not only are all the ingredients completely organic but they feel incredible on your skin. The consistency is always perfect and the fragrance pure, fresh and aromatic.
I personally use the Rose Helichcrysum serum, the Clarifying Lavender cream and the Night Facial serum.

I sometimes use the Rejuventing Cream on cold, dry days. Whatever I use makes me feel nourished, hydrated and taken care of. I might apply serum several times a day and it never feels too much because it feels so nourishing. In the summer I use the Rose Geranium which is light and fluffy. I use the All Purpose Salve almost daily - hands, cracked skin, cuts, itchy’s amazing. delicious.


I have been using Emmanuelle Skincare Products for over 3 years and can honestly say they make my skin feel well nourished and always looking beautiful with a healthy glow. These organic products affect my senses of smell and taste. When I breathe through my nose, I can smell their beautiful aroma, whether the face cleanser, moisturizers or even the eye serums that I apply. The lip balms are wonderful in keeping the lips very moist and lasting for the day. I would recommend everyone to try her skincare products and see what wonderful things they can do for them.

Helena C.

If you’re looking to nurture and rejuvenate your skin then look no further, put your trust in the therapeutic powers of earth's plants and herbs.
I opened Emmanuelle’s package with my creams and the fragrance took me immediately to country fields of roses and lavender. Inhaling the fragrance is a feeling of confidence in the product's purity and that you are applying a safe and healthy product. My skin felt very soft and hydrated after just the first use. They smell and feel amazing and are really effective. Amazing ingredients and you feel love as the very first ingredient. I am a fan for life. 💕

Maria T.

Dear Emmanuelle,
Thank you for encouraging me to try the facial serum. You are right- it gets totally absorbed into the skin almost immediately and feels amazing. I couldn’t stop applying it throughout the day to my face- it felt like my skin was almost craving it. I am hooked!
The ingredients are so appealing and pure - an exceptional product.
Thank you.


I received a beautifully packaged gift  from Emmanuelle Wellness and Skincare with some Neroli Cream and some Warming Spice butter. I absolutely love it! The Neroli Cream makes my face feel fresh and light. I use the Warming body butter after a shower and it feels good on my arms and legs. Both smell lovely and feel luxurious.

Nina P

The Clarifying Lavender Cream is incredible! It feels so nourishing and hydrating. I can’t get enough of it. 


Mosquitoes just love me and I always get eaten alive.  I was given some of your Bug Oil and I applied it to my itchy, bleeding bites. I felt immediate relief. Nothing has given me such instant relief like this- so soothing and calming. It smells so good too. Thank you.