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The skin is the largest organ in our body. It is no surprise that there are also a large variety of products for its care.

We thought our customers might find a summary of the major categories of value as they choose what is best for their needs.

It is worth noting that there are no consistent industry definitions. We are providing this information only as a guide, using subjective context that we feel is appropriate.


Creams can have an important role in keeping your skin healthy.

The body is constantly losing water via evaporation through the skin. Normally, our skin’s natural moisturizing factor helps to keep it skin smooth, supple and hydrated.

However, the environment (weather, pollution, heating/air conditioning, toxic chemicals), bodily conditions (diet, illness, hormonal imbalances, stress, medications) and emotional factors can affect the skin’s moisturizing factor and ageing process.

Creams help moisturize due to their water content. They provide a backup to the body’s natural moisturizing system.

They hydrate, as well as help to smooth and soften. They can help prevent evaporation and form a protective barrier against dirt.

Due to water content, most manufacturing practices prioritize shelf life through the use of preservatives. We prefer vitality – none of our creams have any type of preservative.

Just the therapeutic hydrosols, carrier, seed and infused oils and essential oils in their purest forms.

(Please note, for this reason, we recommend refrigerating our creams and using a small spoon to remove from jar to minimize exposure to contaminants).


The main difference between a cream and lotion is consistency. 

Creams tend to be thicker and used in specific areas such as the face.

Lotions usually contain more water and are designed to be applied more generally around the body.

They can have similar benefits.

Body butters, balms and salves

All three types of products are made with base ingredients of natural butters (such as shea or cocoa) and / or oils (carrier oils such as sunflower, seed oils, infused oils and essential oils).

They do not contain water and most types (particularly our products) are formulated to be non-comedogenic so they do not clog pores.

Typically butters combine butters and oils. Balms combine butters oil and beeswax. Salves do not contain butters.

They offer many benefits including moisturizing, softening and soothing dry, cracked or irritated skin. They can also prevent moisture evaporation from the skin to help hydration.

Oils and serums

It would be appropriate to describe an Oil or Serum (such as a face or body oil) as liquid formulations that generally have an absence of any ingredients except oils or water.

These would include carrier oils, infused oils and essential oils depending on the application.

Oils do not contain water. Serums may contain water and therefore tend to be lighter.

They can be combined with other products such as creams for maximum efficacy.

Perfumed oils

The exquisite fragrances of aromatic essential oils have been used in perfumery since ancient times.

Our perfumed oils are made using a neutral base carrier oil and proprietary blends of essential oils.

They are designed to be applied in small quantities at specific points of the body (unlike oils and salves). Their aromas will uplift you while they also contain the full life force and therapeutic power of the ingredients.


Although often used as an ingredient in many products, Hydrosols can be used individually as a wonderful moisturizers and toners.

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