Organic Soothing Butter Balm

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  • Our Organic Soothing Butter Balm is a botanical feast, a beautiful blend of herbal oils and butters to soothe and replenish dry and chapped skin. Winter, summer, whenever our skin cries for tenderness and care, great for gardening hands and overworked feet. With a perfect synergy of essential oils for their extra antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 

  • Organic calendula flowers infused in organic sunflower oil, organic borage oil, organic neem oil, organic plantain and comfrey leaves infused in organic olive oil, organic shea butter, emulsifying wax NF, bamboo extract, organic essential oils including organic essential oil of lavender, pine and myrrh.

  • Apply a small amount to dry, chapped skin, hands, feet. Do not apply to deep wounds.